The Unique Selling Proposition Of Canon Eos 100d: Case Study

Topics: Advertising, Digital single-lens reflex camera, Canon Pages: 15 (3571 words) Published: March 11, 2015

Advertisings are widely used by the public relations practitioners or marketing personnel as one of the most effective tools to communicate or to persuade people in any personal, company or organizations interest such as commercial offering, political or ideology support. Advertising messages are usually structured and paid for by the sponsors to gain identification and recognitions from the public via traditional media or non – traditional media such as television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and social media and so on.
The purpose of advertising is to increase public awareness, gain reputation or recognition of a company or any organization. There were two types of advertising purposes, the first purposes are commercial advertisement...

Besides that there is another unique selling proposition at it headlines “Light. Really light. It’s a DSLR” It means that it is light weight DSLR, easy for the photographer to hold the camera and won’t feel tired for holding it for a long time.
Samsung tab
The unique selling proposition of Galaxy note 10.1 is the new s-pen they add on 5 useful features on Air command to improves the performance. Besides that, it indulges in elegance with its sleek aesthetic design at 7.9mm and at a mere 547g. Other than that, the back of the phone covers is leather-like-back with this design it create the feel of classic yet modern.
Apple travel
The unique selling proposition of Apple Company is to let the customer to explore the spring season in Taiwan. It will back the customer to the farm to watch up spring flowers blooming and experience the lifestyle in the farm. Besides that, for the people who don’t want to shopping can follow the package that is “100% no shopping stop” so that the customer can fully use their time to travel Taiwan.

It made me wanted to read more to know the function or the details of the DSLR. The color of the background of advertisement looks comfortable and bright. With the match of white fonts, it made the advertisement appealing because it is easy to focus on the advertisement. The overall of the advertisement carries a feeling of young and enthusiastic.
The reason I found that the second advertisement is appealing because it uses isolation. The visual of men is colorless while the tablets are full of colors. The unique coloring used is good for grabbing attention and stop ours eye while flipping the magazine. I will automatically focus on the tablet and smart watch instead of the men while looking on the advertisement. Other than that, because tablet is one of our daily basic need. By looking at the advertisements, it attracts me to read more for information about the...
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