The Unhealthy Lifestyle of Ray Charles Robinson

Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: March 27, 2009
The Unhealthy Life Style of Ray Charles Robinson
Based on the movie “Ray”

The movie “Ray” is the story about the singing entertainer Ray Charles and his life from birth to the late 1960’s. The topic of health comes up right at the beginning of the movie when Ray Charles Robinson is five year old and his little brother accidentally falls into a wash tub and drowns. Ray sees it happen and does nothing to help his brother. This has a profound affect on Ray’s mental health as the movie shows him flashing back to this time all through the show.

The movie goes on to tell that Ray slowly starts to loss his eye sight and is blind by the age of seven. No health reason for his loss of sight is ever mentioned in the movie, but you do see how his mother works with him and how his other senses take over to compensate for his loss of sight. Finally he is sent to a public school for the blind where he learns how to be independent and self-sufficient.

After his mothers death you see a young Ray Robinson hit the road to earn a living playing piano. What follows is a series of poor and unhealthy life chooses. First you see a lot of late nights playing in bars and heavy drinking and cigarette smoking. Rays love for women and his sexual promiscuity leads him to a life of sexual excess. Finally Ray starts smoking marijuana and from that developed into a heroin addiction that lasts for many years. The life of late nights, being on the road, booze, sex and drugs goes on for many years. You see how his unhealthy life style and addictions start to tear his life apart and change his personality. His heroin habit is his most destructive vice. The movie shows him twice arrested for drug possession and one of his lover’s dies from a drug over dose.

Finally with Ray’s career going down the drain and his friendships and family falling apart, he sees the light. Ray checks into a rehab center, you see the ugly and torturous scenes of him kicking his habit cool turkey. The movie...
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