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The Unforgettable Dream

Topics: American films / Pages: 3 (736 words) / Published: Mar 6th, 2014
My life flashes before my eyes, as I approach the alligator infested waters. I begin to panic in the thought of the flesh eating monsters tearing me to shreds. I close my eyes, and pray to God hoping He answers me in that very same moment. "Lord, please take hold of my hand, and guide me to safety. I know I haven't been the best person lately, and I don't deserve Your mercy. I really don't want to die. Please Lord, help me!" As I opened my eyes, I could see the creatures inching their way towards the area I was destined to land within the next minute or so. I closed my eyes once more, and frantically cried out to the heavens. "I'm begging you Lord, please!"

Abruptly, a strong breeze came in from the west, wafting me closer and closer to the land. A triumphant joy took over my heart, followed by a blissful smile, as my feet rested upon the uneven gravel. I was over joyed to still be alive. That is until I turned to look back at the waters I had just circumvented, only to find that the scaly, razor toothed reptiles were gradually approaching the surface. Unfortunately, the nightmare had only begun. My heart was pounding; I could feel it in my throat. I had to act fast, before I became a snack for the gators.

My first instinct was to run, and not look back until I was far away from them, but that would've been an epic fail considering how slow I am, and how fast they are. There was no hope, my mind went blank, my body numb. All I could picture was one of the bone crushing reptiles performing the crucial "death roll" on either my arm or leg, maybe even my head! The thought of this sent chills down my spine, and fear through my heart. I turned to look for the closest tree, then back at the water to see how near they were. I still had time! Cautiously, I began to creep my way toward the tree I had spotted, about 15 feet away. The gators hadn't taken their eyes off of me since they saw me floating down on my parachute, and I had a feeling that they weren't going to until there was nothing left of me. Although the tree was only a couple more feet away, it felt like I had miles to go. Finally, the tall tree and I met face to bark. I wrapped my arms tightly around its asperous trunk and rapidly clambered my way to the top. After a few slips and scrapes, I rested on the sturdiest branch.

The deadly animals crept over to the tree, and watched my every move. Hours had passed, but they hadn't moved a muscle. I began to cry, wondering if I would ever see my mom again. The silent cry turned into a sob, "Was I going to die in a tree? Would I give up and let the monsters devour me? Will I live to see my next birthday?" The questions raced through my mind. My stomach began to roar. Maybe I would die of hunger.

All of a sudden, the branches rustled above me. Apprehensively, I looked up to see what it could be. To my surprise and utter delight it was only a squirrel. He seemed to be looking for something to eat, just as I was. Then it hit me, I would use the squirrel as bait to get away. So I held on tight to the branch, grabbed the furry critter, and threw it as hard as I could into the water. Thankfully, the alligators chased after him. As soon as they were occupied with search, I leaped out of my safe haven and ran for my life. To no avail, I didn't get too far, before the largest gator of them all caught up to me, and chomped down on my foot. He proceeded to drag me into the deep, dark abyss. That was the end of my life. Or so I thought. I jumped up in a fret, reaching frantically for my feet. Luckily, all of my limbs were still in tact! Soaking in a pool of my own sweat, I threw my head back in relief, thanking the Lord for waking me up from that horrible dream. Or should I say, nightmare!

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