"The Unexpected Guest" Gives plot summary, and character explanation

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Book Report


In the book, "The Unexpected Guest", there are two main themes. The main themes are revenge, and love and hate. Revenge is a very important theme to the plot because Mr. Richard Warwick, the man killed, had ran over the little boy of a man who later comes back to kill him. Love and hate is also a theme. In this book, many people had a motive for murdering Warwick, but these people were his family and friends. The line between love and hate is broken when accusations arise.


The main character in this book is Michael Starkwedder. In the beginning Starkwedder seems to be an innocent bystander caught up in a horrific murder scene. He is a very quiet man who has imagined being a detective all his life.

When he realizes the situation at hand he is shocked, but also extremely intrigued. He wants to know every detail of the murder, all of Mr. Warwick's background, and any other information the dead man's wife will offer him. Starkwedder is a very intelligent man with an over active imagination. With his personality he cannot help himself from becoming involved in this very difficult scenario.

Starkwedder begins to see Laura, Mr. Warwick's widow, in a new light. He finds her very attractive and intriguing. His efforts to court her come with no reward to him. At this point, Starkwedder becomes very uncooperative. He is throwing hints to the police that he knows more, but cannot say. He becomes threatening, dangerous. The people in the Warwick household trust him so when they tell him who they believe is the murderer he becomes a double agent. Starkwedder begins to show his manipulative side by trying to coax accusations from the family of Warwick.

By the end of the story Starkwedder's true ambition is out in full force. By never being expected to be anything more than an innocent bystander, Starkwedder shows how dangerous he is and that he has changed into a true monster, a threat to society.


The main conflict in this story is one of person vs. person. This conflict is accurate for this story because the theme is revenge. In the story it is a fight between two people, resulting in the death of one of them.


In the book "The Unexpected Guest" there are eight main characters. Michael Starkwedder is the main character in the book. I think Pierce Brosnen would be fit to play the part of Starkwedder. Pierce Brosnen is known from being James Bond in the recent "007" movie, and playing in the "Thomas Crown Affair". I choose this actor mainly because of his appearance. Starkwedder is made out to be a very classy, yet mysterious, English man. Pierce Brosnen has a look about him that makes him suave and diviner, but also mysterious.

To play the part of the widow to Mr. Richard Warwick I chose Meg Ryan. Meg Ryan is a very popular actress who has an excellent ability to play just about any type of character. Not only do Ryan's talents fufill the part for Laura, but also she is an attractive young woman who can be secretive.

Richard Warwick is the grouchy, crippled, middle-aged man who is murdered in the story. Although there are not any scenes with him in them, there are flashbacks, which would need to be acted out by someone. I think that someone should be Dennis Franz. We know and love Dennis Franz as the intimidating NYPD Blue officer, Andy Sipowicz. Franz can act, very well, as a demanding person who would be hard to live with. His talents would perfectly match the character of Richard Warwick.

To play the part of Mrs. Warwick, Richard's mother, I believe Kelly Bishop is the right person. Kelly Bishop is best know as playing Emily Gilmore on the hit t.v. show "Gilmore Girls". On the television series Bishop plays a very well mannered, old fashion mother. Mrs. Warwick has the same personality as Emily Gilmore, so I believe she would do an excellent job of playing her.

Jan is Richard Warwick's little brother. Although Jan has a mental disorder he is a very bright young man....
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