The Underpants play responce essay

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The Underpants Play Response
University of Michigan-Flint

The Underpants Play Response
Upon entering the auditorium at the University of Michigan- Flint campus viewers are approached by greeters who escort them to their seats and give them programs. Inside the program one will find notes from the director offering a background on the original author, Carl Sternheim, as well as on Steve Martin who adapted the play. The theatre has a proscenium stage that is adorned with set props that bring to life the home of Theo and Louise Maske. An intimate setting with seats butting right up to the stage. In the background elegant music played softly, reminiscent of the era in which the play is set in. The chatter of the audience members fills the theater as viewers wait patiently for the show to begin. Just before the lights dim signaling the start to the play, anticipation is at its height with viewers talking about what to expect. Many boast about the humor that will surely be ahead, while others speak of the talented cast.

The set was a recreation of the quaint home of Theo and Louise, mainly in the living room and kitchen, and was a realistic representation. The walls were painted with an amber and burgundy rotating stripe pattern, while the floor remained the stage’s wooden appearance. The kitchen was set with a small round table and four chairs with a simple chandelier dangling above it, much more modest than expected. There was also a kitchen setup with a window. The door to the rental apartment was set just to the side of the kitchen, though not a full sized door. In the living room sat two high back chairs with a small side table between them, an older black rod style bird cage, and a shelving unit with a few simple decorations scattered throughout. There was also a fireplace with a massive picture of Theo framed out above it, the main focus being him just as he’d preferred it....
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