The Underdogs Essay

Topics: Mexican Revolution, Emiliano Zapata, Mexico Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: October 20, 2007
There is one element constant in every revolution. That constant is a reason. Without a reason, a revolution would be unnecessary and there would be a high possibility of failure. Many other elements of a revolution also hint to whether it will be successful or a failure, such as education and the organization of the army, as well as there tactical planning strategies. In The Underdogs, it is quite obvious that Demetrio Macias's army did not have a real reason for fighting in the revolution, which caused a major problem. Demetrio Macias's revolution ended in failure due to his armies lack of reason for participation, lack of education, and significant alcohol consumption.

In 1910, the Mexican Revolution began in retaliation of the Mexican President Porfirio Diaz's dictatorship. Diaz was the dictator of Mexico and failed to support the lower classes of Mexico during his rule. During his years of ruling Mexico, a barrier between the poor class and rich class was obvious. Several families in Mexico, who were a minority of the fifteen million people living in Mexico, owned a monopoly over the economy and were in control of the countries wealth. The majority of the others in Mexico were farmers who were extremely poor and had next to no political voice in Mexico. The revolution broke out when Francisco Madero led a series of strikes throughout the country. Shortly thereafter, Madero gained supporters, which consisted of Pancho Villa in the North, and the peasant Emiliano Zapata in the South. Peasant women also joined in the revolution against the government. Díaz, unable to control the spread of the rebellion, resigned in May, 1911 and signed of the Treaty of Ciudad Juárez. Madero was then elected president and began plans for his desired land reforms. Emiliano Zapata would not wait for Madero to decide on the land reforms and in that same year Zapata denounced Madero as president and took over the position for himself. But Zapata would not last...
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