The Underappreciated

Topics: Emergency medical services, Emergency medical technician, Ambulance Pages: 3 (1203 words) Published: June 24, 2013
The Underappreciated
If you or a loved one needed immediate medical assistance, you would more than likely dial 911 for an ambulance. The 911 system has been in place since the first call made in 1968. Most ambulances consist of two medical professionals, an Emergency Medical Technician and a Licensed Paramedic. When the Paramedics arrive on scene, you would rightfully expect highly trained and dedicated personnel prepared to save your life. As citizens, we rely on this service to help us if we are ill or in need of prompt medical attention. But who are the professionals driving the ambulance? Who is really behind the wheel coming to save the day and potentially our lives? As I pulled up to the ambulance company’s address, I thought I might have been lost. The building looked like an old warehouse, with a few rusty ambulances parked out back. There was no sign advertising the place of business that handles between 140-170 calls a day on average. As I finally parked and made my way through the rock and dirt lot, I noticed several-oversized garage doors attached to the warehouse. Behind the doors I could see at least fifty or so brand new shiny ambulances parked in a grid format. Several employees were walking in and out of the doors, either coming on shift or going home for the day. Most of the employees looked exhausted, maybe even burnt out from years and years spent dealing with the general public. The first Paramedic to catch my eye was a younger gentlemen all dressed in blue. I knew he was a medic due to the patch on his sleeve that read ”State of Connecticut Licensed”. He reached out to shake my hand and introduced himself to me as “Nick”. Nick was handsome and extremely professional with his uniform perfectly starched and tucked in. His face was shaved and his hair was cut in a short military style. Nick asked if I’d like to take a look around the ambulance while he prepped for his shift. He opened the two back doors to reveal an over abundance of medical...
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