The Unattainable American Dream

Topics: American Dream, Of Mice and Men, James Truslow Adams Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: April 1, 2013
The Unattainable American Dream
Everyone has their own idea of attaining the american dream whether its tending rabbits or becoming the next billionaire. In Of Mice and Men Lennie’s dream is to tend rabbits on a little farm and George’s is to own a little piece of land and live off of it. The american dream is the belief that citizens will reach their goals in life whether by money or social class. Just like Lennie and Curley’s Wife they both have american dreams.

Eventually most american dreams are smashed by our own greed and desire for this, so ironically we make our american dream unattainable. Many people spend most of their lives trying to achieve the american dream (in their eyes). I believe that the American Dream is attainable if you work for and do not have things handed to them via government programs. For example, If someone were to want to have a house, jobs, and a car; with all bills paid, basically they have achieved their dream. I also think that achieving this dream is becoming undesired because most everything is taken care of even if you do not have a job because of government programs.

Although Lennie kills things that are soft and it is impossible to think that he could tend rabbits without killing them. That is all Lennie thinks about is tending rabbits with George on a little piece of land. He believes that he will be truly happy tending rabbits and taking care of them. After Lennie kills Curley’s Wife he realizes he will never be able to achieve his dream.

Wyrick 2
Curley’s Wife dreams of becoming a movie star and tells this to Lennie because she has no one else to talk to because Curley does not want her to. She thinks that she could have gotten a better man than Curley and she would not be living as the only woman on a farm. As she is telling Lennie this she says he can pet her hair and then he accidentally kills her try to keep her from making a sound. Thus, her dream cannot be achieved.

In conclusion, Lennie and...
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