The Ultimate Resource Research Paper

Topics: World population, Natural resource, Economics Pages: 4 (1347 words) Published: December 13, 2010
Mauricio Cader Freshman 23 april 2010 The Ultimate Resource

“Human beings are not just more mouths to feed, but are productive and inventive minds that help find creative solutions to man’s problems, thus leaving us better off over the long run” (Simon). While the first part of the quote is what most people think: that humans beings are just mouths to feed, the second part explain what they really are and puts something new in your mind, a new idea, a new way of thinking. I want to explain this theory to you and I’ll try to explain it with my own examples. The ultimate theory states that if a particular resource is becoming scarce, it price rises and affects the people socially, economically and mentally, which creates an incentive for the people to discover more of the resource, ration it and, eventually, develop a new one or in other words a substitute. But in my words what Julian Simon it’s trying to explain that the theory is based on one thing PROBLEMS that we create and tell me what is behind from every solution, behind every solution there is a problem. The solutions we create will make our way of life better in other words leaving us better off over the long run. The Ultimate Resource theory views population growth as positive and necessary, explains how adaptation reduces our reliance on one particular resource, and claims that environmental pollution is getting better, not worse.

Population growth doesn’t affect negative our economy in fact it has a positive effect. Why I am saying this it may look weird or stupid to you, but it’s real. El Salvador is the most populated country on Central America,...
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