The Ultimate Gift

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I think that The Ultimate Gift is a great movie. Jason will benefit from every gift he received and it will help him as he gets older. He learned many lesions through the process and he became a better person at the end. I think that it was a good thing for him and it was smart for his grandfather to do this.

The gift of work is important because you need to know how to make money and how to provide for yourself. When he went to the ranch and put up that fence he learned how to work and that work is hard. Now he knows what working is like and he knows that he can work because he was able to put up that fence. This will help him in life because he knows that he can work and he doesn’t need his grandfather’s money.

The gift of money was important because he learned that you can lose everything in an instant. He had to live in a park because he had nowhere to go. He couldn’t ask anyone for help because he had to figure it out on his own. It showed him that you need to use your money wisely because what are you going to do if you one day it all runs out.

The gift of love was important because he grew up with a family who really only loved his grandfather’s money. He never learned how to love because there weren’t good examples around him. He began to love Emily and her mother and finally his grandfather. He finally learned what love is and what it feels like.

The gift of friends was important because he was surrounded by people who only cared about his money. So to become friends with Emily was important because she didn’t know that he had money until he told her. Her mother became his friend also and they both cared about him as a person and not his money. They were his friends because of who he was and not because of his money and that is exactly what he needed.

They gift of laughter was important because he always had fun but whenever he did it was with people who didn’t really care about him. So when he became friends with Emily and her mother he was...
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