The UK is experiencing a participation crisis

Topics: Mass media, Aristotle, Media influence Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: November 21, 2013
“The UK is experiencing a participation crisis.” Discuss. (25 marks)

Due the nation's interest in materialism and individualism, we have gained a certain lack of interest in political matters and affairs – people find politics dull and many people think that it doesn't affect them, this results to certain inhabitants obtaining a 'laissez-faire' attitude toward the government. Nowadays citizens around the UK aren't aware of political dealings; this supports the idea that today's society has become far more materialistic when compared to the previous generations. Many people take the approach that the government can 'do what they want' as the majority of Brits spend their time worrying about getting the next best iPhone etc. The UK has become very divided in the past 20 years due to the generation gap between certain individuals in society. Today's generation of teenagers have become disinterested in the UK's current affairs, this may be down to the fact that they have not been socialised to consider the country's events, which in turn blames the next generation and their lack of interest in how Britain is governed, this has lead to the UK's population becoming far more self aware as opposed to considering others. On the contrary, the elderly people in today's society were raised with slightly different morals and views on how their country was governed. Previous generations deemed voting to be a privilege, something that they had earned – the majority of this generation wouldn't even dream of not voting...out of respect. This highlights how the change in generations has prompted the UK to dive into a participation crisis.

Another reason as to why the UK is experiencing a participation crisis is; The media, there are many issues with how the media portray certain political endeavours and political delegates. Some people would argue that the media has a right to suggest their opinions on how the country is governed however, the media encourages thousands...
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