The Two Towns of Jasper

Topics: White people, Black people, Plaintiff Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: February 16, 2011
The Two Towns of Jasper
Nick Fauerbach
Senior English 7th
Mrs. Williams

The documentary, “The Two Towns of Jasper,” was excellent in my mind for many different reasons. It told of a black man being chained to the back of a pickup for three miles by three white men. The documentary consisted of good interviews, captive images, and the information was quality and factual.

First, the interviews in the documentary were well conducted. The interviews were taken of both blacks and whites, as the plaintiff in the court case was black and the defendants were white. Taking two different perspectives on the issue showed the facts and how each side felt and reacted to the crime. These interviews were filmed in many different places, including the Byrd family house (defendant), and the house of one of the suspect’s family, outside of the courthouse where the trial would be held, and various other locations around the town of Jasper. The different locations of the interviews gave different emotions to the story to give opposing viewpoints. The well-conducted interviews was a large reason why the documentary was a quality project.

Next, the images that were displayed in the documentary brought to light the severity of the crime. The pictures showed what actually happened to show that it was all true. the visual evidence made it easier for those involved in the documentary to realize that, despite the differences in opinions, the facts were there. The phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” fits very well when describing this documentary. The images were well presented and were placed well in the sequence of the plot.

Lastly, the information in “The Two Towns of Jasper” was quality and also very accurate. The significance of factual information, presented in the interviews, was necessary for the judge and jury to come up with a verdict. The information given in the documentary added details that made it captivating and easy to follow. The amount and...
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