The two neurological disorders that I will be discussing are Sudden infant death syndrome and sickle cells

Topics: Sudden infant death syndrome, Sickle-cell disease, Sleep Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: April 28, 2015
The two neurological disorders that I will be discussing are Sudden infant death syndrome and sickle cells anemia. Sudden death syndrome is a disorder in which healthy infants die in their sleep. This disease has strike over 2,500 infants while napping or sleeping through the night. This pattern only occur through normal breathing during sleep. Although, it has been determine that they neither choke or smoother while sleeping. They just die a peaceful death. It has been suggested that parents place babies on their back, side, stomach and given a pacifier during naps and bedtime (Feldman 2014). Sudden infant death syndrome has been associated with some cases of child abuse, mothers who smoked during their pregnancy and low birth weight with low Apgar score and brain defect that affect breathing may produce SIDS.

Sickle cells anemia is a form of condition which the blood has lower number of red cells. Sickle cell anemia does not affect many infants until after four months of age. Some individuals have mild symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches and coldness in hand and feet. While others or hospitalized for more serious complications. Such as organ damage in the lungs, kidney, spleen, brain and growth development among children. Everyone who have sickle cell anemia also has chronic pain, especially in their bones. This pain could last for weeks or months. It can be hard to bear and mentally draining. It may also limit your daily activities(National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute 2012).

Researchers had considered that the religion and spiritual experience is connected with the essential brain functions, and the development of each mirrors the other. It also states that all human experience is processed by the brain. In order for you to accomplish this experience one must have discovered one’s self through prayer or meditation. Although, the brain has the ability to change through infancy, adolescence, and old age, so do our faith...
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