The Two Gentle Men of Verona

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F.1 Two Gentlemen of Verona

* What do you understand by the following statements?

(a) “We do many things, sir, “Nicola answered seriously. He glanced at us hopefully. Nicola informed the author and his companion that they did many things to earn their bread they gazed at them in a hope that these gentlemen would give them opportunity to work for them so that they would earn more money. (b)He coloured deeply under his sunburn, then grew pale. After having discovered that Nicola and Jacopo do a lot of work, the author and his friend asked them what they did with their money as they spent too less on their dress and food. Nicola’s face gave expressions of embarrassment. (c)He smiled uncomfortably. “Just plans sir, “He answered in a low voice. When the author asked Nicola about the plans they had, he smiled. He was uncomfortable while smiling because he did not want to reveal them and at the same time he did not want to hide them as well. (d)Yet in both these boyish faces there was a seriousness which was for beyond their years. When these two boys were taking the author and his friend around the city, they looked boyish and innocent to them yet they had certain seriousness also which was for beyond their years. * Answer the following questions briefly.

(a) Why didn’t Luigi, the driver approve of the two boys? The driver didn’t approve the two boys because they were having a shabby appearance and he was very cautious. (b)Why were the narrator and his companion impressed by the two boys? The narrator and his companion were impressed by the two boys because of so many things like their dark earnest eyes, little figure with their brown skin and tangle hair along with their readiness to do any work. They were working very hard day in and day out. (c)Why was the author surprised to see Nicola and Jacopo working as shoe...
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