The Two Cartridges

Topics: Short story, Sheriff Pages: 2 (829 words) Published: November 19, 2008
The short stories “The Girl Who Got Rattled” and “The Two Cartridges” written by Stewart Edward White present a very complex and highly embellished plot. For this brief paper, it shall be the writer’s aim to compare one of the main characters that is in both stories. His name is Alfred. In the story “The Girl Who Got Rattled” by White, Alfred was described as a “little” and “bashful” man. On these lines, the author clearly describes Alfred’s features: “When on horseback, his legs hardly reached the lower body line of his mount… When on foot, strangers were inclined to call him ‘sonny’ ” (White, “Rattled” 1). Nevertheless, while Alfred was dubbed as this, he was recognized for his mastery of the prairie. But Alfred could read the prairie like a book. He could ride anything, shoot accurately, was at heart afraid of nothing, and could fight like a little catamount when occasion for it really arose. Among those who knew, Alfred was considered one of the best scouts on the plains. That is why Caldwell, the capitalist, engaged him when he took his daughter out to Deadwood. (White, “Rattled” 1)

Many believed Alfred was the best pathfinder ever to have walked the grasslands. This unique ability of Alfred had made his little personality a huge one, especially at a time when people feared to thread steppes because of the dangers lurking around. In this story Alfred says that he always saves two cartridges in his pistol. When Alfred and Ms. Caldwell thought that the Indians were about to attack them, Alfred told Ms. Caldwell that if he sees that it is all over for them and there is no way out he will shoot her with one and shoot his self with the other (White, “Rattled”). This story emphasizes Alfred’s size, being very short. Although we can see how the author of the story constructed Alfred’s character, White nonetheless also made Alfred a brave and entertaining hero. This statement may be...
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