The twentieth century is an age of greed

Topics: Drug addiction, Good, English-language films Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: January 1, 2014
 Yes; in most ways than not. It is not to say that people of earlier ages were not given to greed. They were. But the number of people consumed by this disease is many times more this century. Also the variety and intensity of greed is unparalled. We have many more opportunities to feed our greed on. See the amount of consumer goods available nowadays. How many of these goods can be genuinely said to benefit the user , or at the least satisfy him ? Precious few , I would think. All too often we read in the newspapers and consumer magazines about the underhand tactics used by giant corporations to sell their products. We hear about poisonous materials in foodstuffs. There are also innumerable amount of products that re shoddily made , yet passed off as up-to-standard products Then into this vast consumer market comes the pirates. These are people who make imitations. They have no scruples. So we are deluged with pirated tapes , records , books , clothes and other products. We even have pirated medicine. The misuse of public enterprise is rooted in nothing but greed. The greed for money, for more and more profit, regardless of what happens or who suffers. Look at the advertisement section of any newspaper and you will see companies advertising for “aggressive” personnel. They must sell as much as they can, even if it is like forcing the product down the consumer’s throat. The worsening drug situation in the world now is also a result of greed. Drug-trafficking and relatable offences are punishable, some even by death. Yet the drug trade is not abating. On the contrary, it is booming. Why is this so? Again we have people greedy enough to take risks in exchange for great returns. Their only aim is money. Drugs is one way of getting money, big money. So they go in it regardless the fact that drugs destroy people and society. They do not care who gets hurt as long as they get the money. They pretend not to see the evils of drug-addiction while their pockets are...
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