The Turning

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The importance of discovery is measured by the impact it has on people. Tim Winton’s “Big World” and “Aquifer”, short stories from his anthology, The Turning, and Lasse Hallstrom’s What’s Eating Gilbert Grape illustrate that individuals learn from their mistakes and personal discoveries over time. Through the use of various techniques and devices, Winton and Hallstrom’s craft relatable adolescent characters who their targeted audiences and able to empathise and sympathise with, whilst achieving revealing insights about the power of discovery.

Significant discoveries can be a slow realisation that changes the way we perceive ourselves and relationships. In “Big World”, the narrator hopes to discover excitement, girls and an escape from his boring life. During this journey he is forced to confront an uncomfortable truth about himself and his relationship with Biggies which was initiated by “a single decisive act or violence that joined me to Biggie forever”, but the fragility of the relationship is revealed when Biggie leaves the narrator in Broome for Meg. The unexpected way in which events unfold is reinforced by Meg not showing up for Biggie’s funeral. “Meg won’t show”, this short sentence conveys the way events arrive in an unexpected way. Another major discovery is the narrator’s vanity and how it cost him. He knew what he was doing was wrong but couldn’t stop it as it made him feel smarter and superior. “Out of loyalty but also seer vanity”. “And the fact is I blew it.” The colloquial language emphasises how much he regrets doing all of Biggie’s work for him as that got them both of the “to the finish line but didn’t help them cross it.”

An exterior factor which may affect ones present identity is ones past experiences. This concept is explored in Tim Winton’s “Aquifer”, as it follows an adult on a tumultuous journey which leads him to make personal discoveries. “Aquifer” is a clever portrait of growing up and the transition from “Innocence” to

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