"The Tube Train" by Cyril E.Powers

Topics: Color, Complementary color, Color wheel Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: February 18, 2012
When I was skimming pages when I saw this big painting the one that caught my eye right away. "The Tube Train" by Cyril E.Powers about 1934 (pg.203). I was so fascinated with this image, the urban theme and the nice colors. I notice the use of complementary colors; most of the picture is done in yellows and dark violets and reds which are all on opposite sides of the color wheel.

The moment when I glanced at this painting my first question was “where are these people heading?” I believe they are going to work, home, school or want to take a walk in the city. One thing that made me stop was that everyone is just sitting down minding their own business focused reading the daily newspaper. Nobody is socializing with each other and I wonder why? Maybe it’s just their only time to sit around and have quiet time. From being so busy all day, maybe they are just starting their day and want to take a look of what’s going on in the world by reading the paper or it is possible that they don’t know each other. I really don’t know, I’m just inferring. The Ladies and Gentlemen sitting in the train look so elegant and the designs of the transportation makes it look luxuries. It looks antique but glamorous. I ask myself “what it would be like to live in a different era?” Having to use the metropolitan rail journeys and living in a big city like London. We don’t daily use the train here in San Antonio that’s why I have that curiosity. Now we have cars and drive ourselves anywhere we like. We don’t have to be waiting on the train to arrive.
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