The Truth of the Nehru Family

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Nehru Family
December 30, 2011 by nehrufamily
The Nehru family starts with the Mughal man named Ghiyasuddin Ghazi. He was the City Kotwal i.e. police officer of Delhi prior to the uprising of 1857, under the Mughal rule. After capturing Delhi in 1857, in the year of the mutiny, the British were slaughtering all Mughals everywhere. The British made a thorough search and killed every Mughal so that there were no future claimant to the throne of Delhi. So, the man Ghiyasuddin Ghazi (the word means kafir-killer) adopted a Hindu name Gangadhar Nehru and thus saved his life by the subterfuge. Ghiyasuddin Ghazi apparently used to reside on the bank of a canal (or Nehr) near the Red Fort. Thus, he adopted the name ‘Nehru’ as the family name. The 13th volume of the “Encyclopedia of Indian War of Independence” (ISBN:81-261-3745-9) by M.K. Singh states it elaborately. The Government of India have been hiding this fact. JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU:—Jawahar Lal’s father was Moti Lal and Moti Lal’s father was Gangadhar Nehru. His wife was kamala Kaul, who died in Switzerland of tuberculosis. M. O. Mathai in his book– “Reminiscences of the Nehru Age”– which opens secret of Jahawarlal Nehru relationship with a Beneras girl. His relationship with several teens , Nehru was a playboy type , drinking wine, smoking with Edwina Mountabattien & others secretly. (Link:– ) Nehru wrote letters to Edwina , after she left India, until her death. In his letters, Nehru often sought Edwina’s advice on matters of governance and strategy, according to British author Janet Morgan who was given access to the correspondence by the Mountbatten family. Morgan was given a small box weighing more than five pounds. The box contained all the letters Nehru wrote to Edwina between 1948 and 1960. A few of them even had a rose pressed between the pages.According to Morgan, in one of those letters, Pandit Nehru apparently wrote about the embarrassment VK KrishnaMenon, India’s first high commissioner to the Court of St. James, had become.Pamela Mountbatten, daughter of Lord Mountbatten and Edwina, in an interview to Karan Thapar on Devil’s Advocate on CNN-IBN news channel, said that the Edwina-Nehru relationship was also of use to her father. And that Lord Mountbatten often appealed to Panditji given the influence Edwina had; this was particularly useful while handling tricky situations like Kashmir. In a letter to his daughter, Patricia, Mountbatten wrote,“She and Jawaharlal are so sweet together, they really dote on each other in the nicest way and Pammy and I are doing everything we can to be tactful and help. Mummy has been incredibly sweet lately and we’ve been such a happy family.” Years later daughter Pamela Mountbatten Hicks, talked to the BBC another mother’s relationship with Nehru:”It was a very very deep love that lasted for 12 years,” she said before refuting the rumour that they might have been lovers.”It was a really emotional love . An affair one thinks of as physical. This was not…It was an amazing amazing friendship.” Nehru wrote letters to Lady Mountbatten’s almost every day for the rest of her life. Lady Pamela Mountbatten Hicks , who read Nehru’s letters to her mother described them as “very tender”. ( ) After Lady Mountbatten’s death in 1960, she was buried at sea. Prime Minister Nehru sent a frigate from the Indian Navy to attend her funeral and cast a wreath into the ocean on his behalf.


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