The truth behind the extraterrestrials

Topics: Extraterrestrial life, Unidentified flying object, Close encounter Pages: 6 (1337 words) Published: February 20, 2015
M. Usman Ali
Mrs. Sisco
English 11
America and the Truth of its ET and UFO History
Theories and stories everyone heard of at point in their lives aren’t conspiracies anymore. The fact that there is ‘other life’ out there; aliens, UFO’s, are subjects that all humans should be aware of. We are only exposed to the thirteen planets in the solar system along with the names. The idea that life exists outside of planet earth is still debatable and a subject of high controversy. The untold truth about folklore, thousands of eyewitness accounts, alien encounters, and ET abductions have been around for centuries and persist till today. If you can believe that there is a solar system with galaxies and planets, then it shouldn’t be difficult to realize that there is other life beyond and parallel to planet earth. Area 51 is a military base that is located in south of Nevada near Las Vegas. The base’s primary purpose is to support development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapon systems. The security at this site is extremely secured that even military aircrafts are restricted from flying over the airspace, which leads to suspicion. In records, the first sightseeing of an unidentified flying object was in 329 BC, by Alexander the Great. He referred to them as ‘flying shields’. Even Christopher Columbus, it appears, saw a UFO. While patrolling the deck of the Santa Maria at about 10:00 PM on October 11, 1492, Columbus thought he saw "a light glimmering at a great distance." This took place in the Atlantic Ocean. Allegedly, UFO’s have been around before the time of Adam. The theory behind this is that Holy scriptures confirm Adam as the ‘first man’ this does not necessarily infer to him being the first of created beings, rather the first human; you and I. There has been vast number of eyewitness accounts from all around the world that there is no exact number of how many people saw a UFO. Eyewitness accounts have been recorded in books, government documents and can also be found on, a site dedicated to UFO sightings. Interestingly enough, the majority of eyewitness accounts claimed that the shape was either a triangle or a circular round flying object. These events have been recorded on national television and there have been many interviews with civilians. Rebecca Cota, a random eyewitness had spotted a UFO in Austin Texas, “There were these small lights that were flashing and this object was very high...” Ufologists and paranormal experts like Rosemary Ellen believe that Aliens have technology that is a million times more advanced than what we have these days. Certain high profile Americans who served in NASA, the US military and the CIA have opened up publically about UFO’s and Aliens. These individual unlike civilian witnesses serve as proof to the many things that are hidden from us by our governing authorities. It will make you wonder and question. Captain Donald Slayton is a NASA Mercury Astronaut, he had a major encounter with a UFO in the sky as he flew past it and tried to follow it, but he failed. "I was testing a P-51 fighter in Minneapolis when I spotted this object. It looked like a saucer, a disk.” Richard Dolans, an Ex-CIA worker clearly talks about Area 51, and how he got to observe an interview with an alien. “This grey alien looked a little bit oriental, no, it didn’t look human, the size of the brain was much larger, nose was small, and ears were like holes, and the mouth was very small.” Additionally, Paul Hellyer, former Liberal defense minister of Canada said, “There are 80 different species of extraterrestrials that have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.” He had announced this statement at an important conference full of ministers, and government representatives. This shows that many reputed individuals have openly released their knowledge with the world, even though they had signed contracts on confidentiality. Their motive to release data to the...

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