The Truth About Nick Carraway

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 4 (1442 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The Truth About Nick Carraway
(Based on AP open Question)
Sidney Bailey
English 12 AP
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The Truth About Nick Carraway

Thesis: In The Great Gatsby, Nick the confidant to both Daisy and Gatsby, displays certain admirable characteristics like trustworthiness and approachability, is easily confided in by Daisy and Gatsby, and completes the puzzle to the whole novel by being the connection between East and West Egg as well as helping Daisy and Gatsby rekindle what they once had.

I. Nick’s characteristics of trustworthiness and approachability are shown throughout the vilifying novel.

a. Gatsby wants Nick to invite Daisy over for tea so that they can meet.

b. Nick goes to lunch with Gatsby and learns about his past.

II. Nick is the best character to confide in.

a. Nick tries to see the good in people.

b. Nick considers himself the only honest man he knows.

III. Nick lives on West Egg beside Gatsby’s marvelous mansion and his cousin, Daisy, lives on East Egg; he links them together in many ways.

a. Gatsby uses Nick to get to Daisy once he finds out about their relation to each other.

b. Nick has a tea party at his house.


The Truth About Nick Carraway
F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, portrays some of his own personal characteristics through the narrator of his novel, Nick Carraway. Nick demonstrates qualities such as an open mind, quietness, good listening, and is easy to talk to. These characteristics allow Nick to be the “go to” person in the novel, more formally known as a confidant. Both Gatsby and Daisy confide details to Nick regarding their past love affair, and their current one as well. Since Daisy is Nick’s cousin, trusting him with her secrets allows Daisy to feel more at ease. Nick is truly the center piece between Daisy and Gatsby because he is the link between East and West Egg. He sees both sides, which shows an unbiased point of view. In The...
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