The Truman Show

Topics: The Truman Show, Entertainment, Peter Weir Pages: 2 (805 words) Published: March 22, 2011
Not only is the Truman show a great and entertaining film but also a fun and easy way to teach techniques used in films. I’m here to represent my class to argue why the Truman show should still be used as a close study of text for year 11 English. This film uses a great actor to portray many important themes and messages throughout the film...these include: * Media manipulation

* Morals and ethics
* Reality vs. Illusion
* The power of the human spirit
These different themes are used during the film to send important messages and morals to the audience. Peter weir uses these themes not to make money from a great movie but to actually mimic the film industry and show that all we care about now is money and ratings. Media manipulation is one of the main themes in this film but is also used in our day to day lives. My generation has been manipulated by the media since we were little kids by TV and advertisement placement. This is a main technique used in the film. An example of the advertisement placement is when Truman is in the basement of his house and he is fixing his lawnmower the wife (Merlyn) comes down and says that we she get a new lawn mower and names the brand in which paid for the advertisement during the show. This happened throughout the film and Truman never notices because it’s been that way his whole life. This example shows how important this theme is and why we should keep using this as a study of text. We can relate to it because it happens to us every day. Another example of media manipulation is shown when the media makes you feel as if his life is perfect; nice house, wife and desk job. It’s not as perfect as it seems and the director in the movie ‘chrisof’ wants the world to believe it is perfect and wants everyone to want a life like Truman. We all know nothings perfect as it seems in the media and sometimes we have to think for ourselves. Morals and ethics is also a main theme in the film...what kind of morals or ethics...
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