The Trouble of Young Love
Topics: Romeo and Juliet / Pages: 3 (910 words) / Published: May 13th, 2014

When a person is hasty, they are using excess speed or urgency in their actions. This usually involves many risks. If a person is too rushed or careless, they may suffer the consequences for acting too quickly. In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the tragic flaw of the main characters is that they are too hasty in their actions. This flaw in the characters is what causes the conflict and tragic ending of the play. It is important to ponder the possible consequences or outcomes when making decisions. If one is making decisions quickly and rashly, they should be careful and think about the consequences and the impact their decision could have on others. Romeo was hasty with the vast majority of his decisions during the play. His young age, recklessness and naiveness likely contributed to this problem. Killing Tybalt right away without thinking twice is an example of his many hasty decisions. Had he slowed down, Tybalt would have had a death penalty and Romeo would not have been banished from Verona. The tragic ending would likely have been comic if Romeo had not acted so hastily. Romeo claimed that he was “fortune’s fool” (III.1.132) after killing Tybalt. That was a false statement; if he had not acted with so much haste, he would not have to face being banished and killed if he returns to Verona. Even before he met Juliet, Romeo had been madly in love with Rosaline, whom did not love him back or even know him well. After being depressed about not being loved by Rosaline, he forgot about it instantly when he went to the Capulet’s party. He then proceeded to fall madly in love not more than a minute later when he saw Juliet. Despite the advice of some of Romeo’s family and friends (primarily Friar Lawrence), he still acted very hastily which eventually caused the conflict of the play. Throughout the play, minor characters related to Romeo and Juliet hint that they should slow down or think about their actions. Their ignorance of this wise advice leads to

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