The Trophy Project

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The lack of support from top leadership on The Trophy project compounded Reinhart’s problems and made managing the project a complete nightmare. This was also mainly due to the fact that there was no business case formulated for this project. The baseline plan might have been formulated but it did not cover all aspects of the project plan. For instance there was no clear project objective outlined so the team members only realised that they had a role to play months after the project had started. Had the project been divided into work packages commonly called Work Breakdown Structure, and responsibilities handed to the right parties the project would have kicked of on a positive note. By creating a network diagram which shows what goes where and the interdependencies of activities it would have made it easier for everyone to see the objective of the project. There was a need to review the project immediately after it was realise it was falling behind and measures put in place to remedy this. Reinhart conducted his own investigation and realised that the line managers where charging him direct labour time which proved to be expensive, this item could have been noted before commencement of the project had all players been consulted before hand. The line managers had no idea what they had to do on the project but where just given tasks to perform without knowing the strategic vision of the organisation as regards the project. There was a need to do a risk analysis on the project as this would prepare Reinhart for any negative eventualities. With time the pressure on him increased and the project began to suffer. This is because top management did not realise that by bogging him down in meetings and paperwork they were not giving him ample time to implement his recovery plan therefore the project failed. The problems that The Trophy project experienced were as follows:-

❖ Unavailability of a business case
❖ No support from top management
❖ Lack of a Baseline plan
❖ No Change management
❖ Undefined Roles and responsibilities
❖ Lack of policies and procedures
❖ Lack of Strategic leadership
❖ Lack of Budget controls
❖ No Customer focus

The situation clearly shows a company in stagnation and whose leadership is willing to change their approach to organisational growth through consultation and alignment of their strategic mission with the ever changing surrounding environment. This situation requires an effective guiding coalition to introduce change within all ranks of the organisation. These are to be adhered to if organisational benefits are to be realised. The learning and growth perspective to be applied to top leadership and this to be implemented as well across functional lines. The vision and mission of the organisation to be taught to every member of the organisation as this fosters synergy and motivation within the employee ranks.


Reinhart was appointed to be the project manager for the new Trophy project his first project in control. Prior to this ine he had been the assistant project manager on several projects. The inexperience is evident from the onset as the project hits a snag at inception. There is excessive expenditure and the schedules are slipping with each passing day. Efforts to find a lasting solution are met with resistance from the line manager s and the top executive. As the project progresses so does the accumulation of problems. Reinhart is then requested to formulate a recovery plan which he does but because he has to give a report every Monday of the week he has not enough time to implement and manage his recovery plan. Confusion is reigning in the organisation and Reinhart is given an assistant programme...

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