The Triumph of English

Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: September 25, 2013

The triumph of english

English is now the language the most speaking in the world. First of all, I would like to start with the fact that English is the language of globalization. Indeed, in politic for an official meeting politicians are going to speak in English between each other because they don’t have any other language to be understood. They are going to express themselves in television or radio and all the people see an official speech in English and saw this language like an international and official language. In addition, all products like I-phone, Blackberry, Macintosh, Windows represent the United States through the world. All those products represent the power and the knowledge of the country. People meet English everywhere thanks to globalization, in movies which are products in United States by the bigger production on Hollywood, in advertising by some big internationals companies, and English singers on radio. Though those communications people learn English, and the language rehangs itself. With the globalization, English allows us to communicate. For example English allows to a Russian to inquire in Spain for a travel. In another part with all the English speakers the language evolves. Some countries created they own way to speak English, then native English speakers cannot understand some of English versions. There was a time where English was messy, but this problem has been regulated by a committee. Third, English people had some colonies. It is one of the reasons why the English is so extends. Some of them have given up the language because it was like a bad memory of the past (Tunisia with French language), and keep a language from a colony destroy much of local culture like local language (Malta’s Island). In conclusion, English language is spoken everywhere though the world and it becomes the idea of an international tongue.
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