The Triathlon Equation

Topics: Triathlon, Running, Muscle Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The Triathlon Equation

Those who are interested in doing the triathlon often do not know how to do their training effectively. First you must build a base. This means you must start with endurance only a few times a week, progressing to 6 days a week with one rest day. You should only do 1 activity a day, with 1 brick workout a week. A brick workout simulates what it feels like to do two of the activities back to back so that it is easier come race day. Brick examples include: 1.) swim 300m then cycle 10k, or 2)cycle 10k and run 2k. Your other five days should focus individually on each activity. The bike portion is the most important as it is the longest of the 3 activities, and the event which can help you to win or lose a race. Spend most of your focus time on improving the bike leg. Cycle 2 out of the 5 days. 3 days remain: Spend 2 days swimming. Always incorporate drills. Most people will have the hardest time in the water because swimming is actually unnatural for us and puts us in an awkward position. Drills for stroke mechanics, and improving your endurance is key for success in the pool, river, lake, sea or ocean. Use 1 day for running. Your run should also incorporate drills called plyometric's. This will help you with your stride, leg turnover, balance, coordination, and finally speed. Our bodies like many animals were designed to run. This is the easiest of the 3 events. For some individuals who are a bit heavier, try and cut down your weight so that you may have an easier time with the run. Ideally the more weight you have the harder running will be. A woman 5'3 should not weigh over 140pounds if she wants to have a good run. A man 5'7 should not weigh more than 155 pounds. An individual 6'0 will not want to weigh over 180pounds. So it is important that the individual has 2 days on the bike, 2 days in the water, 1 day of running, 1 brick workout, and 1 rest day. Depending on the distance you are training for each workout should be roughly...
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