The Treaty of Greenville: An Agreement Between the American Indians and the United States

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Washington, D.C. Pages: 2 (802 words) Published: December 20, 2012
I will be taking the time to talking about some of the Native Americans hardships, wars along with a few different issues and problems presented by the United States along with information about these individuals and what they have had to deal with throughout history. First off Native Americans have had many issues that have spanned from many generations especially issues with The United States, they had also fought many wars with and against the United States some of these wars have spanned throughout history one of the wars that had been stopped was by a treaty called The Treaty of Greenville. This treaty had been put in place around August 3, 1795 this treaty was put into place so that it would help to stop a destructive war between the United States and American Indian Tribes that would cost many live on both sides Native Americans and U.S. Citizens. The Native Americans have had many different tragedies throughout history along with a few different wars where as a few of these tragedies are famous ones that are known through history a few of them are The Trail of Tears, Massacre at Wounded Knee along with Geronimo and Fort Pickens. All these incidents are well known throughout history and have been document on both sides because of the unspeakable horrors that had happened. Many of these tragedies are due to that there have been many issues between Native Americans and the United States due to politics along with many other issues such as land, money and beliefs. One issue that has always been a cultural issue throughout history is that Native Americans would eventually be pushed out of all their own lands leading to famine and many deaths. The United States have had many issues because of controversies over government policies this was all due because the expansion westward from family’s looking to start over or see the wild west as it was called. This had lead to over 31 different treaties between 1778 and 1868 with the United States and American...
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