The Treatment of Premarin Mares and Foals

Topics: Horse, Menopause, Menstrual cycle / Pages: 4 (772 words) / Published: Apr 9th, 2012
You may begin by asking “what is Premarin?” This is a female hormone replacement drug taken by menopausal women (women that have reached the age where their menstrual period ends) to help alleviate symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness (Pfizer). It is a vaginal estrogen medication that can be substituted by a plant-based drug rather than this horrific drug. Now you may be thinking that this may actually be a good drug. Well, there is a dark side to this drug that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and popular drug company Pfizer, doesn’t want women to know about. One of those things is the fact that the name Premarin, actually stands for Pregnant Mares Urine. Women are really ingesting horse’s urine. The goal of these drug companies is to gather concentrated pregnant horse’s urine and put it into a pill, vaginal ring, or cream form to distribute to women, giving them hopes of feeling younger. I will explain in more detail about the drug and its effects, but am going to prove that the treatment of these horses while humans attempt to collect the horse’s concentrated urine is completely unacceptable and 100% animal abuse and neglect.

We will start at the point of collecting the urine for this drug. There are farms called Pregnant Mare’s Urine (PMU) farms. If you were to visit one of these farms, you would find a barn full of pregnant mares (horses) that are locked in 3x8 foot stalls, forced to stand for 11 months (a horse’s natural gestation period) with a “urine collector” hooked to them. One mare provides approximately nine women with estrogen replacement for one year. These mares are turned out at birthing time to give birth and be rebred. Seeing as the mare must be pregnant to be of use to the farms, if the mare does not rebreed within a month and a half, the mare will be put

to pasture along with all the foals that go to the “last chance corral” where they have the ability to be adopted or they will be sent to slaughter.

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