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THE TREASURE OF LEMON BROWN / Walter Dean Myers (questions and answers from the Bagrut)

18. Why was Greg afraid of doing badly in math?
He was afraid of doing badly in math because he knew his father wouldn't let him play (in the community) basketball (team). For the answer: Greg was afraid of his father - deduct 20%

19. Why did Greg go into the abandoned building?
(i) He needed to get out of the rain.
(ii) He was looking for Lemon Brown.
(iii) He wanted to play checkers.
(iv) He was running away from the thugs.

ANSWER: (i) He needed to get out of the rain.

20. How did Greg help Lemon Brown?
(i) He made a strange noise to chase away the thugs.
(ii) He organized Lemon's old newspaper articles.
(iii) He found a safe place to hide the treasure.
(iv) He fixed up the room so the rain wouldn't come in.

ANSWER: (i) He made a strange noise to chase away the thugs.

21. a. When Greg asks Lemon Brown whether he thinks his treasure is worth fighting for, Lemon Brown says: "What else a man got 'cepting what he can pass on to his son, or his daughter ...". How does this quote explain the meaning of Lemon Brown's treasure? Thinking skill I chose: ..............................................................................

Possible thinking skills: Inferring / Explaining cause and effect / Comparing and contrasting Any other thinking skills are acceptable as long as they are supported by the text and can be explained in question 21b. Possible information that would be adapted according to the thinking skill chosen: Lemon Brown's treasure is not an ordinary treasure, something worth a lot of money. It is what he gave to his son, Jesse, and what he got from him - a few old newspaper clippings about when he was a blues singer and harmonica player and an old harmonica. Jesse took the clippings and harmonica with him to war to remind him of his father. Lemon Brown got Jesse's belongings after Jesse was killed in the war and he learned that his son has been carrying around what he gave him. That showed Lemon Brown that his son cared about him / admired him. Deduct 20% if no relation to quote.

b. Explain why you chose this skill to answer question 21a. Your answer must refer specifically to the text. ANSWER:
Possible explanations for thinking skills:
Explaining cause and effect: I chose this skill because I showed what caused Lemon Brown to think the clippings and the harmonica were his treasure. Comparing and contrasting: I chose this skill because I compared and contrasted the conventional / regular idea of treasure" with Lemon Brown's idea. / because I showed that both Lemon Brown and his son thought that the newspaper clippings were special but in different ways. Inferring: I chose this skill because I had to infer why Lemon Brown considered the newspaper clippings to be his treasure – because of his love for his son.

22. a. How has meeting Lemon Brown changed the way Greg feels about his father?

a. Greg now understands that a father's love is valuable. / Greg learns to respect his father. / He realizes that his father loves him just like Lemon Brown loved his son.

b. Predict what Greg will tell his father when he comes home from his day with Lemon Brown.

He will tell his father that he is prepared to listen to him and take his studies seriously like his father wants him to do. / He will tell him that he understands now that his father cares for him and that is why he wants him to succeed in his studies.

He will tell about his day with Lemon Brown. = 0 if no explanation Deduct 60% if answer is that Greg didn't say anything

7. Greg Ridley believes his father will not allow him to play basketball with the Scorpions because (–). (i) his father wants him to work
(ii) he doesn't play basketball well
(iii) his father thinks it's a bad team
(iv) he will probably fail math...
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