The Transatlantic World

Topics: North America, Americas, Empire Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: March 25, 2014
The Transatlantic World
Life in the transatlantic world was different than the world we live in today, after all the exploration, settlement and expression of the different empires we have learned a lot. From the different discoveries, cultures and learning from others the world has moved forward. We have paintings, carvings and written records that show us how life was indifferent areas of the world from thousands of years ago. People have changed, cultures have changed and there are a lot more rules and regulations than there was years ago. People that lived in the Africa Empires usually survived by doing trade. They did a lot of salt trading and traders came from all over to trade for salt. Women were usually shown more respect than men. People traced their heritage through their mothers side instead of their fathers. Slavery was a big thing in Africa, they were used for mining salt and gold. Some people in the Africa Empire had their faces tattooed to distinguish where they were from. The Americas consisted of Aztec, Maya, Incas, The Caribbean and North American people. Aztec who was also known as the Mexicas found the city of Tenochtitian which grew into one of the largest cities in the world. Family was seen as religiously essential, marriage usually occurred later in life in your twenty’s. Men could have multiple wives and his first wife took control over the others, they all worked together side by side as a unit and built a strong family. Men usually were the ones that were government officials and warriors. The society was divided into three classes, the nobility, the peasantry and the slaves. The nobility had a life of luxury while the peasantry had to work hard while the slaves had to tend to the nobility and had no education or leisure life. The Incas were powerful and controlled a wide range of people by threats and force. They worshipped many deities but the most important one to them was the Sun God. The moral codes of the Inca were do not...
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