The Tragedy of Marcus Brutus

Topics: Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare, Roman Republic Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: August 17, 2007
Many believe that the title of William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is inappropriate since Julius Caesar was not the tragic hero of the play. Several feel that the true tragic hero of the play was Caesar's right hand man, Marcus Brutus. For centuries this debate on whether who should possess the title of the tragedy is still unknown. However, I think that the play should be entitled The Tragedy of Marcus Brutus, because Brutus contains more qualities of a tragic hero than Caesar does. A tragic hero is stated to be the main character of the tragedy that always has at least one flaw that can easily be distinguish which leads to their death. In Shakespeare's Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus is indeed the tragic hero because he had various flaws. However three particular flaws that he had were his overconfidence, impatience ness along with naiveté are what led him to his downfall.

The reason why I say that Brutus was overconfident is because he believed that the assassination plan for Caesar would go directly as planned without any sever consequences. Along with being overconfident he was impatient. The plot to kill Caesar was organized and effective in only a few amount of days which meant it was a rushed job. Without it being carefully considered the group of conspirators along with Brutus didn't of the effect of their actions. If they had taken time to consider these flaws they wouldn't have to go to start a civil war with the people of war. As well as go into battle to early if Brutus had only listen to Cassius idea to wait for their enemy's to come to them instead of vice versa.

Yet I think his biggest flaw was his naiveté because Brutus was persuaded to do things with ease. He never thought that he could've been the one being deceived, which he was, and that the whole world was as noble and respectable as he was. It all stated when he was convinced to join Cassius and the conspirators to murder Caesar in the beginning of the play with the...
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