The Traditional Food in Western Countries

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The traditional food in western countries
Each culture, ethnic group or region has specific traditions. When we talk about culture, especially in western countries, the religious beliefs and literature often take up our minds. But actually, the food culture contributes a lot to the construction of a region’s civilization and it also plays an important role in cultural identification. Although unlike food traditions in China ,which is famous for “Eight Cuisines” , the western countries still have their own traditional cuisines. Therefore, I will make a brief analysis about the food traditions in some typical western countries.

First of all, it’s about Greece. Greece has been a cross road of people and civilizations for millennia, and this together with the climate has shaped the Greek cuisine. Greek cuisine has also incorporated influences from other civilizations, such as the Persian, the Roman and the Ottoman food cultures. The traditional Greek diet is generally considered to be healthy. The cultivation of fruit, vegetables, legumes and cereals is favored , therefore, these foods are consumed in large amounts. Take Rabbit stew for example, it refers to a food preparation method that is based on the simmering of meat (usually rabbit, hare or beef but may also apply to non-meat dishes) with plenty of onions and various seasonings in tomato sauce. Then we move to Italy. Frankly speaking, what I all know about the Italy food is their “Italy noodle”. The Italian cuisine can claim roots going back to the 4th century BC. During the Roman Empire, the Romans employed Greek bakers to produce their breads and they imported sheep cheese from Sicily because its inhabitants were known as excellent cheese makers.Italian cuisine is probably one of the most popular cuisines throughout the world. In many countries Italian restaurants with typical Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta can be found in nearly every town. Pizza Napoletana Margherita was created in 1889 as a...
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