The Traditional Family Is Becoming a Things of the Past

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: October 13, 2011
The Traditional Family Is Becoming A Things Of The Past

Allow me to first start by asking, "Who is the one that defined the “traditional” family? Because that person or group of individuals stated that a traditional family is made up of a daddy, mommy and two kids, and a dog…does that make it so…true…correct? Is that really what a “One Big Happy Family Is? My belief is that a “traditional” family is what it is…with a dad and mom, two kids, or a grandmother raising her grand/grant-grandchildren, or a father raising his children alone, or maybe there’s a sister or brother raising their siblings. To me, that’s traditional...being that it is what it is. And no one has the right to tell you otherwise if you believe that your situation—whatever it may be—is a “traditional” family.

However, I can say that the family structure composed of a father, mother and at least two children existed at least a generation ago. Divorce rates were low, homosexuals had no hopes of raising their own children, and surrogacy was something out of a science-fiction novel. Today, all of that has changed; leading us to entertain the thought…what exactly is a tradition family.

Let me begin by addressing the issue of the “traditional” American family being monorace, with the married parents being of the same race or ethnic background, which is being placed in the race with multiracial families. The world is being so diverse, and very, very quickly that is causing the multiracial families to grow and becoming more acceptable. Many, many, people are beginning to marry interracially, adopt children of different ethnic backgrounds. Many today, are not seeing color as much as they see love, acceptance and respect. Kelly N. Burrello, a Senior Associate of DTC (Diversity Training Group) states, "Interracial marriage that works equals multiracial children at ease with their mixed identity, which equals more people to the world who can deal with diversity. Intermarriage and immigration are...
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