The Toyota Company

Topics: Management, Late-2000s recession, Toyota Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: December 19, 2010
The Toyota Company has many ongoing effects to external environments which include general and task environments. There are many challenges that an industry like Toyota faces when dealing with general environment and task environment. Over the next three years Toyota is faced with many difficulties that must be faced from top management all the way to lower management. Toyota is caught up with many general environmental issues which include economic, social-cultural, political and legal, technological, and demographic conditions. Many of these conditions are due to the many consumer complaints that were brought on by the defects that many of the automobiles that were manufactured by Toyota.

The task environment forces that will affect Toyota include dealerships, customers, and mechanics. Due to the vehicle defects within the past year, top management will be forced to plan with three task factors in order to successfully control the situations and outcomes. Toyota management is working closely together to ensure they are taking the extra precautions to help rebuild a damaged reputation. After the recall last, Toyota management took the time to meet with their forces in the task environment. Dealerships, along with the top management were fixing the problems for free in order to meet the demands of their customers by remaining loyal and proving they would fix the problem at hand.

The Toyota manufacturing industry has a global structure that allows for the manufacture of Toyota vehicles from over 170 countries throughout the globe. Toyota has set many plants throughout the U.S., China, France, Mexico, and the Czech Republic while they have set themselves as a major global supplier of vehicles. Due to the massive Toyota recall there have been numerous customer complaints due to the faulty equipment in the brakes. Due to the economic recession more people are buying less Toyota vehicles which are not good for the business. The Toyota recall was not...

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