The Tortilla Curtain Character Analysis Part 1 Chapters 5-8

Topics: Mexican American, Immigration to the United States, White people Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: September 25, 2014
The Tortilla Curtain Character Analysis Part 1 Chapters 5-8

In chapter five of the novel “The Tortilla Curtain” by T.C. Boyle, we get to know Kyra's character much better, and it gives another view on white American culture. As a real estate agent, physical appearance means everything. She constantly judges those she works with based on their appearances. The ability to look good and to keep up personal appearances becomes a sign of success and wealth, for people like Candido and America do not have the money to get such looks. Kyra's nose is proof of her obsession with appearance. She is also used as describing the stereotypical American workaholic attitude, ignoring her family, and she is always in a rush to get to her job. The fact that Kyra's sexual desire is triggered by disasters is the idea that people like her and Delaney are both afraid of and drawn to unpredictability.

In chapter six, there was a scene where Jack Jardine, Jr. and his friend destroy Rincon's campsite while terribly injured and helpless Candido watches from the rocks nearby which was probably one of the most shocking scenes in the novel. The hatred that is shown as they ruin the Rincon's only possessions just because he is Mexican is Jack Jr.'s role in the story. He is clearly racist against Mexicans and is completely convinced that they are dangerous, but his son takes the racism differently. He grew up around anti-immigrant beliefs, which makes his powerful feelings and violent actions more frightening. We meet Jose Navidad, the half-white, half-Mexican drifter who plays a big role in both the Mossbachers' and the Rincons' journeys. People assume that he is another dangerous Mexican immigrant, and don't trust him because of his appearance. Navidad can always be seen with a man wearing a traditional Mexican poncho. He flirts América at the labor exchange, and he begins to invade on the Rincon's sanctuary in the canyon. He will continue to appear in the places that are most...
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