The Toronto Sun and Caribana Ivey Case

Topics: Project management, Critical path method, Construction Pages: 7 (1758 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Commerce 4KF3 Winter 2012
Assignment 1
Group Case Study
Source: 4KF3 Courseware
Case:The Toronto Sun and Caribana
Course Value:15%
Submission Instructions: Not to exceed 6 pages including attachments.

PART A (25 marks)
Answer the following questions with your group. Try to limit answers to the space provided. Point form is acceptable but answers must convey a complete thought where required.

1. What is the objective of the project? Why is the project important? (3 marks)

ObjectiveTo organize Toronto Sun’s involvement at the Caribana Festival through (1) designing and deployment of a parade float, (2) recruitment and management of volunteers, (3) hiring of entertainment and production other materials such as giveaways before August 2, 2008 (within 57 days); and management of parade day tasks on August 2. At a cost not to exceed $400 cash in addition to contra advertisements. ImportanceTo exhibit Toronto Sun’s presence during the festival as a Major Sponsor; as well as since sponsorship was already paid for and other major sponsors had a float.|

2. What are the major issues (constraints) that Morrison is dealing with? (6 marks)

a) Time Constraint: Project must be complete by August 2, 2008 Parade Day (Less than 2 months) b) Cost Constraint: (low cash budget of $400 and contra advertisements only) c) Scope Constraint: Project contains multiple deliverables and major milestones, largely dependent on the availability of many stakeholders.|

3. Identify several stakeholders who have an interest in this project and indicate whether they are internal or external stakeholders. Denote most important stakeholders with asterisk (*). (5 marks)

Stakeholder| Internal/External|
* Samantha Morrison| * Internal|
* Larissa Presso| * Internal|
Promotions & Public Relations Department | Internal| Human Resources| Internal|
Legal Team| Internal|
Design Team| Internal|
Volunteers| Internal|
Mark Print, VP of Advertising| Internal|
* Festival Management Committee (FMC)| * External|
Entertainer (live band, radio DJ, or music pre-recorder)| External| Float Driver| External|
Newspaper Advertising Partners| External|
Custom Press| External|
Float Contractor| External|
Other Approved Vendors from Advertising department| External| Festival Attendees, Public and Toronto Sun Readers| External|

4. How would you describe Morrison (skills, personality, etc.)? Analyze Morrison's potential as a project manager. (6 marks)

In terms of skills, Morrison has displayed effective time management and organization by managing multiple projects at the same time. Her cross-functional work experience has allowed her to build on those skills and develop strong coordination and communication skills. Her request to review her strategy with her manager shows that she has the discipline to understand that project success requires the cooperation of key stakeholders. This shows that her potential as a good project manager is strong as she is able to communicate with others in the organization. She is also able to prioritize as she sees the long term and short term objectives of the project, and understands the risks of missing deadlines. Although she has identified all the objectives that need to be met in order to accomplish the project on time, she feels that the time she has to operate is insufficient; possibly showing a lack of confidence in her implementation abilities. From her past experience, she may be subject to micromanaging, which could result in her losing broad vision.|

5. Based on the information in the case, can you determine what kind of organization structure the Toronto Sun has? What impact do you think this will have on this project? (5 marks)

Toronto Sun exhibits a functional...
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