The Tool

Topics: Full metal jacket bullet, Bullet, Full Metal Jacket Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: September 3, 2013
Lying down, stomach flat, straight. My breathing was long, lengthy, and slow. I felt the wind pushing against my face; it was a mildly strong wind. Raising my left elbow, closing my left eye and lowering my cheek onto the rest, I make three adjustments, three notches up. Immediately bringing my target to the cross, I slowly squeeze. A moment later, after the very familiar metallic clinking, I squeezed again, once again. The tree, made of metal, swinging ferociously came to a rest. Although people think it’s a bit more than complicated, for me it’s easier to shoot than it is to breathe. And although I can shoot better than most, doesn’t mean I know everything there is to it. I still mess up on safety and without safety everyone is in danger.

Although, some people think its challenging to shoot, it really isn’t. A simple way to look at how to shoot is look down a sight and pull the trigger. But on the other hand it is complicating. You have to judge and make precise measurements according to what you feel. Not everyone has the proper tools to make these measurements so it will just take practice and knowledge to understand them. You make these measurements to be sure you know where you’re shooting. If you don’t know where you are shooting, then you don’t know where the bullet is going. And if you don’t know that then you can NOT guarantee anybody’s safety.

By now, you probably think you can do all this in seconds. Look down that bright shiny dot and wail away, maybe unless you’re actually thinking about what I’m saying at the end each paragraph. What about how you’re holding the tool? If it’s loose in your shoulder, then it is going to kick back, and might just knock you senseless, and leave a nasty, black and purple, funny shaped bruise. Ouch. I can remember coming back a few times with horrible nasty marks on my arm looking like we might have to amputate. But that is only one thing out of many that can go wrong, and honestly, that’s the best thing that could...
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