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The Too Polite Conversation

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The Too Polite Conversation
3 people at hotel

Receptionist : Good night, what can I do for you?
Andin : My friend and I will be have a night here. Do you have a room?
Receptionist : Yes we have. Single or double?
Andin : Dini, would you like a single room or double?
Dini : Just a single room.
Andin : Well, single please.
Receptionist : Ok, I will check to my list to determine where your room.
Dini : I am sorry, is all the room completed with shower?
Receptionist : Oh, I forget to ask you. Do you like with a shower or a bath?
Dini : Shower, please.
Receptionist : Ok, that’s will be room 245 and $23.45 a night, including breakfast and dinner. How long will you stay here?
Andin : Just a night because tomorrow we will be back to Indonesia.
Receptionist : Indonesia? There are so many great places over there.
Andin : Yaph, thank you for your appreciate. I will pay it by a credit card and what time is dinner?
Receptionist : No problem we will facilitate it and you must be hurry because the restaurant will close 30 minutes again. This is the key and the bell boy will accompany all of you.
Andin : Thank you.
Receptionist : You are welcome.

Performed by: Yusuf, Heni and Rudi

Situation: (Heni is waiting for a bus in the Bus Stop. Suddenly, Yusuf is coming to sit down beside her)
Yusuf: So you are waiting for the bus too, right?
Heni: Yes. But actually I’m confusing about which bus that I must take to home from here. I’m a newcomer.
Yusuf: I know how you must feel.
Heni: Oh, well, such is life.
Yusuf: But I don’t know very well about this city.I’m so sorry I can’t help you.
Heni: No problem.
(Rudi is coming. Then joining them)
Rudi: Excuse me Sir, can you move a little? I want to sit down here.
Yusuf: Sure. Why not?
Rudi: Thank you very much.
Yusuf: It was my pleasure. Are you occupant of this city, Sir?
Rudi: Yes, I am.
Yusuf: This people is getting lost. Would you mind to help him?
Rudi: No. I’m glad if I can help you.What’s the matter Miss?
Heni: I’m lost. Then, you must know about the bus route information.
Rudi: Of course. Where will you go?
Heni: I want to go home to Bogor.
Rudi: You must take the red bus. It will bring you to Bogor. For additional informations, you can use this map. I have several maps.
Heni: Thanks a lot.
Rudi: It’s okay.
Yusuf: Could you please give me that? It will be useful for me too.
Rudi: Sure. Here it is.
Yusuf: That’s very kind of you.
Rudi: Don’t mention it.
Yusuf: Hey, that is the red bus! Hurry up. You have to step into the bus.
Rudi: That’s right!
Heni: Okay. See you later all.
A Gift For San

In school there are 3 students names San, Jii, and Fee.They are in a friendship. Next day is san’s birthday.
Fee : What a gift should we give for san?
Jii : hmm, how if we give her a flower? Hahahaa
Fee : no no no. I’m not sure
Jii : so?
Fee : Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe we can give something she likes.
Jii : But, What?
(Suddenly san comes)
San : Guys! You know Cakka?
Fee : Of course. He is your idol right?
San : Yes and next week is a meet and greet with Cakka in Bandar Lampung but I feel sad guys, I don’t have much money to register it.
Fee : So? What is the special from Cakka? He is just a little boy.
San : What do you mean? He is cool. And I love his song.
Jii : Hah? Cool? Haha
San : You’re my best friend or not? You must support me! I’m annoyed with you !!
Fee : So, you are angry with me and jii?
San : Think by yourself!! (and then she goes)
Jii : Haha she is angry
Fee : Good job (y)!!
Jii : Fee, we can give her a ticket for meet and great Cakka?
Fee : okeyy! I agree with you. Next day …
Fee : Come on jii! We must buy the ticket now before run out.
Jii : Okaaay!
At San’s Home …
Fee : Surprise! Happy birthday dear
San : Oh god, thank you baby. I’m forget if today is my birthday :D
Jii : Huuu happy birthday San, this is for you
San : What it is?
Fee : Open it San
San : Ticket MNG Cakka? Thank you so much my best friend :*
Jii&Fee : You’re welcome
Fee : Okay, we must go home now San. Sorry,
San : No problem, byeee
Jii & Fee go home but Jii forgets if her book misses in San’s room and they must go back.
San : Yeye lalala, Cakkaaa wait me baby … mwaaaaah :*
Fee : haaaa? What are you doing?
Jii : hahahaha
San : heheee. I was so ashamed :D
Then, next week San can meet and great with Cakka, her idol. And that is a special gift from her best friend in her birthday.

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