The Title of This Book 'a Child Called It'

Topics: Suffering, Abuse, Verbal abuse Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: October 8, 2007
THEME- the theme of abuse is an obvious and important theme of this autobiography. at the ages between four and twelve, is the stages david pelzer has covered. there are many types of abuse covered. the first is verbal.

the whole book is a flashback,except from the very beginning, when a policeman is taking him away from his mother, to freedom.

she singled out one of her children to be the family slave, it happened to be david. she didn't stop there though. she also played cruel games just for her pleasure.

the title of this book 'a child called it' is a perfect example of verbal abuse. his mother refused to have him known as a part of the family and for years referred to him as 'the boy' as the abuse got worse she even reduced him down to 'it' she told him he wasn't even worthy of being called a boy, he was nothing, only an 'it'.

PERSPECTIVE-his childhood was filled with cruel events perpetrated ov deve by his mother in a fog of alchoholism and mental instability. pelzers perspective is that if the child who actually went through the evnts potrayed in this book.

EVENTS- these events included life threatning beatings, starvation, and force feeding of chemicals such as ammonia. dave was only four or five when these episodes started and they began to escalate with time. a result of one of his beatings was breaking his arm, shortly after that his mother began starving him and put him through cruel and unusual punishments, suh as locking him in a room full of clorox and ammonia fumes. she even ended up stabbing him, suposadly it's an accident.

in david pelzers ' a child called it' it tells about how his mother abused him emotionally and physically and how he was socially isolated.

every day he would get up and go to school even with his feelings of rejection, being teased and seperation from the other pupils yet he still loved school. in pelzer's case it became his only escape from the 'madhouse' and his mothers evil mindgames. school provided...
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