The Titanic

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Titanic: In the Eyes of the Survivors
Michelle Smith
Cornerstone University

The Titanic was one of the most luxurious boats of its time, as well as one of the most horrific tragedies in history. A few of the survivors include Ruth Elizabeth Becker, Violet Jessop, Charles Joughin, and the Margaret “Molly” Brown. These four have interesting characters. They did not treat themselves as victims, instead they learned from it and went forward. These survivors were very brave, honorable, and not one of them was selfish. They helped others before wondering their own fate. Even, twelve year old Ruth thought of others, helped survivors, comforted them, and never gave up; not even when things seemed hopeless. Titanic’s sinking is one of the most popular topics around the world. The sinking of the Titanic and history of both those who survived and those who were lost will never be forgotten.

Titanic: In the Eyes of the Survivors
Although we all have lived and learned from life’s lessons, some endure more life altering experiences like the survivors from the Titanic. The Titanic was one of the most luxurious boats of its time, and the most horrific tragedies in history; the lost souls who died left behind the images that were embedded in the survivor’s memories. A few of the survivors include Molly Brown, Violet Jessup, Ruth Becker, and Charles Joughin. These four have very interesting characters, and they did not treat themselves as victims. From these survivors we can learn the true facts of history that led up to the sinking of the Titanic until the time of rescue. Through the Titanic’s maiden voyage to its sinking, and through the accounts of these survivors, we will visualize the events that happened, how it affected them, and how they went on to live fulfilling lives. In 1912, The RMS Titanic was the largest passenger liner of its time. She was owned by White Star Line (WSL) and was built at Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, Ireland. It took three years to finish the construction. They (WSL) spared no expense in building her. She had a heated pool, one of the first to have this luxury at that time. The designer and engineers considered her unsinkable; in designing this boat they wanted the first class to be quite comfortable. So toensure this, they only had twenty lifeboats put on and around the deck, so there was more space on the deck for the first class even though this was only enough space on the boats for 1700 passengers. She was completed April 2, 1912 and was to set sail on her first voyage on April 10, 1912. Passengers could still smell the fresh paint, and it was still wet in areas on the boat.

On her voyage to New York City, she carried 2,228 people on board; there were 337 first class, 285 second class, 721 third class, and 885 crew members. The Titanic carried a mixture of cultures on board; the passengers spoke a variety of different languages. There were rich, famous, and the poor aboard, there were even some dogs. Most people boarded the Titanic to get to New York in order to have a better life for their families. Yet, little did they know, over half would not make it at all. Sinking

On its first voyage, Titanic made two port stops, the last one being Queenstown, Ireland, to pick up more passengers and she was off once again towards her destination, New York City. On April 14, 1912, on the fourth day, Captain Edward John Smith ignored the telegram stating icebergs and frozen waters awaited them ahead. At 11:40 p.m. that evening the ship hit an iceberg; even after all the efforts were made to have the boat steer clear the water started pouring in immediately after the collision. Passengers came out of their rooms to see what was going on, they had seen the iceberg pass their window as they felt the shudder. Most passengers were assured that everything would be fine, and they were directed back to their rooms. Others knew the ship was sinking and it was sinking...

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