The Tipping System

Topics: African American, Minimum wage, Racism Pages: 3 (1186 words) Published: January 27, 2015
The Tipping System!
Should we get rid of it or not!


The tipping system is a way for the server to earn the minimum wage by the government. Servers gets a sub minimum wage of $2.13, which is lower than the minimum wage in the US which is $7.25, so for servers make minimum wage, the tipping system is created by the government. In 1966, Congress added restaurant tipped employees to the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) and created the concept of the “Tip Credit” which is the tip. The tipping system can be calculated in this way. The special sub-minimum wage (federal $2.13) + servers  tips (tip credit) minus a tip pool, must equal or exceed the State or Federal minimum wage (US Tip system). The diners however does not have to leave tip for the server, but it always nice to leave a tip for the server. !


A lot of people knows to tip the server, but they don’t always do it properly. Some people don’t know they should give a tip, or they don’t know how much they give. Some jobs depends on the tip more than others, like a server and a bartender. The tip to a server is 85-100% of their salary, and 70-100% to a bartender. While a tip is only 10-20% of a apartment doormen’s salary (Urban). People wants tipping system because the server and other lower minimum wage need it, and it we get rid go the tipping system, how are those people making money. Some people says pay them the minimum wage, but from who? The government or the restaurant, if the restaurant does, then the food price will increase, then people might not go to restaurants anymore. The best argument for supporting the tipping system is that they get tip base on their good service. That if they did a good job then they’ll get better tip, and other way too.!


I however don’t agree with those people who support the tipping system, its should be outlawed. Tipping is based on the percentage of the check, which is usually 15-20%. In some states the tipping rate can be as high as 68%...
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