The Time We Live in is the Winter of the World

Topics: Nuclear weapon, World War II, Poverty Pages: 6 (2039 words) Published: April 2, 2013
“The Time we live in is winter of the World”
I. Introduction.
II. Materialism.
III. Selfishness and greed.
IV. Poverty, hunger, crime and economic exploitation.
V. Religious Values.
VI. Family Values.
VII. Wars and Conflicts.
VIII. Global Warming.
IX. Conclusion.

In its literal meaning ‘winter’ is one of the four seasons of the climate marked by extreme cold and snow. However, in English literature and poetry it has been used to portray death, sorrow, resentment, downfall and grief. For example in ‘Stopping By woods on a Snowy Evening’ Robert Frost has portrayed winter to demonstrate death, downfall and grief. Therefore, we can infer that ‘The time we live in is the winter of the world’ because the same is happening in contemporary times. The current path that we have embarked upon is leading towards our own destruction. There is a famous cliché that ‘man is a social animal’. Here social implies that man has an indigenous need to live in societies and with mutual corporation. Also the societies do not remain stagnant but they constantly undergo changes which are inevitable. With social change, the standards of morality i.e conforming to the standards of right and wrong also change. Additionally, this obvious social change can be positive or negative depending upon improvement or degradation of standards of morality. Unfortunately, in recent times such social changes resulted notably towards the downfall in the standards of morality resulting degradation of values. A comparative analysis of attitudes, habits and culture of our ancestors to contemporary times would suffice to prove that ours time is the winter of the world. Man at the same time is both a physical and a spiritual being. Similarly, these two dimensions have their own different needs. If needs pertaining to any of these dimensions remain unsatisfied then human personality fails to develop in a desired way. That is why the phenomenon of materialism becomes very pertinent in this particular context. ‘Materialism’ is defined as preoccupation with or over emphasis upon material object with a disinterest in spiritual and cultural values. In today’s world people have become highly materialistic and are in a chronic struggle to satisfy physical need. As the primary focus is to satisfy physical needs, the spiritual needs remain deprived. Consequently, the standards of morality and good cultural values are in decline. Today, most of the population around the globe believes earning wealth and money are the primary purpose of life without making any effort to satisfy their spiritual needs. However, one has to understand that there is no end to any such struggle and the more a person will go for the means of comfort seeking ,the more body will demand for it. Notably therefore, all around the world we see large mansions, expensive personal jets, fancy cars, fashion brands and lavish lifestyles being the most desirable. These all are the symbols of materialism. Also this culture of elites is exported through media to less affluent members of society in a very attractive way, making it desirable for them too. Gradually they too start to believe in all that is considered to be ‘desirable’ by media. Hence, by this vicious cycle materialism is increasing day by day. However, this is not to imply that a man should reject all worldly pleasures and adopts a life of seclusion, but simplicity and moderation should be desirable by all in all walks of life. On the other hand preoccupation with the physical means results in constant deprivation of spiritual needs which further leads towards the decay of ‘ethics’ in societies. Unfortunately, it can be easily conceded that if present trends continued, there will be a time when morality would give way all together and there would be a widespread chaos and mutiny in the world. ‘Materialism’ is then notably succeeded by other evil attributes like ‘greed and selfishness’. A...
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