The tide Rises poem summary

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The poem “The Tide Rises the Tide Falls “ is written by Henry Wadsworth

Longfellow . Henry is an American writer born in Portland, Maine, which was then a part of Massachusetts.In the poem he describes that the tide will rise but will always fall and never again return to the same spot, as in life we will live strong but we will all fall and never return exactly to where we were before. This poem talks about the ways that life continues

whatever happens. He was exhibiting the way that the world goes on even in the grievance of death, one of the toughest things in the world to deal with. The thing about death is that the world moves on, and the tides keep coming. This traveler has left nothing behind, except for his footprints in the sand, even those footprints were washed away by the tide in the cover of night. As meaningful as a life may be, what do we leave behind except a few footprints eventually swept away with time . The main theme of this is the cycle of nature and comparing it to the cycle of life. Also no matter what happens in life nature will keep going on. Asa human your life is constantly changing and differentand unpredictable, but nature goes through the same cycle over and over again , like when the leaves change and fall and grow back the same leaves. The major point in this isn’t

about the traveler but it’s about nature and human beings and the harmony between them.

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