The Three Types of False Friends

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Trust Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The Three Types of False Friends

Making real friends isn’t as easy as one may think, in fact, for one reason or another people tend to select the wrong type of friend. Avoiding this type of meaningless relationships can be easily achieved by first evaluating a person’s attitude and behavior to determine if the person becomes a friend, or simply someone acquainted with. For instance, people often use others simply because they have no one else, they are need of something, or they aim to bring you down under the false conception of friends. Therefore, knowing some characteristics of fake buddies is essential to enjoy life better and to avoid wasting valuable time. Thus, the first type of people to eliminate from the list is the last-minute friends.

The last-minute friends speak or socialize with people outside their circle only after exhausting their primary sources which are much more preferable to them. For example, asking someone out because no one else is available, requesting advice because everyone else is tired of hearing the same story over and over again, or making plans to bail out later on because something or someone came up that’s more thrilling to them. The attitudes taking by these people (whether intentional or not) can hurt others by making them feel insignificant and in some cases deprived. One of the most effective ways to avoid this type of false friends comes with the simple realization that a person can always have better things to do and enjoy that to be in the company of worthless people. Unfortunately, this isn’t the end, as there are others that can make a person feel so important and needed fooling people with their true intentions.

The needy friend will always need something as the name suggests; time, money, endless advice, attention, and an unlimited supply of material needs. With their favorite quote in hand “I need you,” they embark on the never-ending quest to obtain something from others. In many ways, they are like...
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