The Three Major Events of World War Ii

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The Three Major Events of World War II

After the loss of World War One the Nazi’s needed revenge against the Allied Forces. The Nazis gained support in Germany by promising to break the Treaty of Versailles and make Germany rich and powerful again. This promise and the power of Adolf Hitler caused Germany to disobey the treaty, which was the commencement to World War Two. The three key points to this horrific war was The Battle of Britain, the attack of Pear Harbour, and Victory in Europe Day. These three events in order, demonstrate the shift in power between the Allied Forces and their enemies the Axis.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) was formed on April 1, 1918 as the extension to the British Armed Forces. This air force was very well designed and the Axis thought it was going to be impossible to carry out a raid against it successfully. The German Air Force, the German Luftwaffe, thought it would be a major advance if they were to gain air superiority over the Royal Air Force. Therefore on July 1, 1940, the German Luftwaffe started out their attack by aiming their attention to southern England. They began by destroying their harbours and shipping facilities. After that they targeted the aircraft manufacturing facilities, and finally they moved to terrorising and bombing British civilians . The Germans were not able to defeat the British Air Force even though they possessed more fighter aircrafts then them. With no success against the strong and united British Air Force, Hitler finally gave up on May 1941, ending the Battle of Britain. This is viewed as being one of the most intense periods of air raiding in World War II, lasting 55 days. The success of the British Air Force proved to the Germans the Allies could last on their own without the help of France, who were forced to sign an Armistice and quit World War II on June 17, 1940 . Now it was time for the Axis to be fearful of Britain, for the power in World War II shifted back to them.

On December...

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