The Three Little Pigs”: Dealing with a Bully

Topics: Walt Disney, Three Little Pigs, Brothers Grimm Pages: 3 (1323 words) Published: February 17, 2011
Riyahd Richardson
February 10th, 2010
English 102-01
Rough Draft
Dr. Malkovich
“The Three Little Pigs”: Dealing with a Bully
            Growing up I’m sure many kids believed in all fairy tales, giving them the reason to think everything in life had to be perfect, for example having the perfect boy/girlfriend and living happily ever after with him/her, or having to be rich and live in this big castle, and getting anything and everything they may want. As we all know in all fairy tales there’s always a downfall, because there’s always someone negative that’s hindering someone else from being happy or free.  In the case of the Three Little Pigs there was a wolf that bullied three innocent little pigs.  The well-known fairy tale takes its audience on a journey of three pigs and a wolf. Although most if not all fairy tales are make-believe, some of the things in them are similar to real life situations.  After reading the fairy tale, it is easy to relate this fictitious story to something we face in our society now which is bullying.  There are several similar characteristics of the wolf and the average “bully” which are not limited to the fact that both expect control and submission, exhibit physical intimidation, and feeds on manipulation. In this particular fairy tale the wolf played the role of a bully. The wolf decided to torture the pigs until he got what he wanted just like the typical bully. In the fairy tale the pigs out smarted the bully and made him run away crying, shows kids that bullies are not all that tough in bad on the inside, it’s a front they put on to get what they want and to get respect. As the wolf runs away crying shows us that the story is over Richardson 2

and although they may not say it but it leaves us to believe the three little pigs are living a happily ever after thanks to the pig with the brick house. As we all know that’s not necessarily how a real life story may end, the bully may run away crying but it usually comes...
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