The thirteen chapters of American history

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Thirteen Chapters of American History
The Thirteen Chapters of American History was written by Theodore Sutro in 1905. He writes about pieces of history that were major mild stones in American history starting from Columbus and ending at around the 1890's. The Thirteen Paintings, to a history time and description of their creator, Edward Moran. They mostly had some association from the ocean like famous voyages to battles. Chapter one is just a brief introduction to one of Moran famous painting of the sea, nothing really to pick up their. Chapter two is the landing of Lief Erickson in the New World, 1001. This part explaining how that before Columbus came over to actually start the conquest and the existence of what we know today as the United States of America. That their were some documents that confirmed of Chinese and Irish immigrants that came over to the Americas but never fully stayed to inhabit it. Chapters 3 & 4 get into the The arrival of Columbus with the Santa Maria, Niña and Pinta. It touches on what Columbus did while he was their and where he was going. Shockingly it also portrays him in kind of a negative connotation for being a more brutal discover than compassionate, honest, light hearted fellow that we almost always see in our textbook's. Entering chapter 5 the Mississippi river with Ferdinand De Soto and other explores like Charles V. of Cuba. Theodore also writes about the immortality of discoveries and of the new lands and how although Columbus was iconic the explore De Soto was also very successful and was know as the "Father of the Waters." He also mentions a little on the Lousiana purchase from the presidency of James Monroe, and how it was originally given by the French to the U.S. Chapter six takes place in September 11, 1609 when Henry Hudson arrived at New York Bay. It gives a history of how he got the funding to come over and what his goals were through the expedition. They mention, “Like theirs, also his ending was sad and...
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