The Third of May, 1808

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The Prado Museum Madrid, Spain
Goya, Francisco. The Third of May 1808. 1814. Oil on canvas. Museo del Prado, Madrid.

The museum I chose to look at was the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain. I did not physically go to this museum because it was across the world. I went on a virtual online tour of the museums website. This museum was very interesting to me because it had a lot of old paintings from the 16th, 17th, 18th centuries. The paintings and sculptures in this museum were mostly of human beings and their culture life-styles. I have never been to that museum or any art museum before in my life, so it was also very interesting to see the different types of art there was at the Museo del Prado. If I physically went to the museum, I would have been blown out of my mind with all of the unique styles of art on display. The online pictures of the paintings do not look the same if you went to see it in person. The artwork I analyzed was created by Francisco De Goya in 1814. The Third of May 1808, was the name of his masterpiece and he painted it on an oil canvas. I chose this painting because it is a painting that explains an event that happened during a war between two countries. On my analysis of this painting, I discovered that this painting shows a variety of cultural representations of that time period. Museums have numerous items on display that represent many cultures and countries. Many art pieces have a story behind it that explains the past history of one’s culture. I would not risk my life to save the artwork that was created from my culture, unless the piece had a very valuable meaning to me personally. Our culture and society today is changing and there are millions of paintings being created. I also do not feel the need to risk my life for art. Goya created The Third of May 1808, because the painting shows the battle Spain had to go through to gain its freedom from Napoleon and his French Army (Totally History 1). Goya, being...
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