The Third Century Crisis

Topics: Roman Empire, Crisis of the Third Century, Augustus Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: April 4, 2011
The Impact of the Third Century Crisis
February 22, 2011
Diane Adams

The Impact of the Third Century Crisis
The assassination of Alexander Severus and his mother at the hands of his own armies marked the beginning of a fifty year crisis. This crisis would be plagued with 20 to 25 Roman Army generals laying claim to the crown and the land, sometimes they would claim all of the land and sometimes they would claim only a portion of it. Several things also contributed to the crisis, such as invasion, civil war, plague, and economic depression.

The Assassination of Severus
Alexander Severus served as Emperor of Rome from 222 A.D. to 235 A.D. Alexander ruled during a peaceful and prosperous time until the rise of the Sansinids, although Alexander was able to control them with time. There were great loses when his troops retreated in Armenia. The Roman troop’s behavior began to show a definite lack of discipline and mutiny was taking place among other troops. When the Germans had breeched the Rhine in several places, Alexander was called to Germany to bring order to the chaos. He mustered together his forces bringing legions of men from the eastern provinces. Alexander decided to approach the Germans and offer them money, which would buy the Romans time. The Roman soldiers saw this as a sign of weakness and they felt he should have been on the battle field destroying the Germans for their insolence. This among other things turned the soldiers against the Emperor and on March 18, 235 the soldiers assassinated him. This was the beginning of The Third Century. Economic Repercussions

The Romans had set up a good system used for getting products from place to place. By sea they had their merchant ships delivering olive oil from Provence, hides from England, dried fruit from Syria, metals from Europe to each of their ports, making distribution easy. All of Rome could easily get anything they needed. With the...
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