The Things That Inspire Me in My Life

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What inspires you?
I have two things that inspire me in my life. One of them is my parents especially my mother, the other is the accident of my dad¡¯s company occurred in recent.
I will talk about the accident happened in March of this year. I live in States but my parents live in Korea. Only way we contact is using phone, or I visit them for every summer and winter vacation. If they don¡¯t tell me what is going on in our family there is no way to figure out that when I am in States. When I got home for this summer vacation, my dad asked me to come home early one day and he said that there is a serious thing that he wanted to talk to me. I had no clue what was going on. He said that there was a fire broken out in his factory. He owns huge furniture factory and he is C.E.O of this company. The biggest storage of his plant was gone because of the fire. It was about 1.8 million dollars worth, and it¡¯s gone now. People said that it was on the TV and newspaper for 3 days as a big tragedy. I visited there and I saw people working there to build new one again. The first problem he got was the loss of his assets and the second one was that he was getting too much of stress from that. I always got my personal expenses from my dad during vacation, but I just decided to work and make money. I know it is hard since I am taking 10 credits of summer courses during whole summer vacation. I strongly felt that I need to do something for my dad. So I applied one of the biggest accounting corporation in Korea, I got accepted as intern. It¡¯s been a little bit more than a month I¡¯ve been working, but the problem is that I only get 3hours sleep except the weekend. After I get home from work I eat dinner and start my homework and quizzes for my summer courses then I can go to sleep at around 3 or 4 o¡¯clock in the morning. I get really tired physically and mentally but when I think about what my dad was suffering from the accident it is nothing. I started thinking in positive...
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